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Crews wrapping up wildlife crossing project

BUFFALO (WNE) — A 15-mile stretch of Interstate 25 between Buffalo and Kaycee is expected to be much safer for both m

An internationally acclaimed Jackson Hole photographer is spending big to fight ‘bear-jam’ ticket


Restaurant closures could be a hit to high season

BUFFALO — Three restaurants in Buffalo have closed over the past year, and in a city of Buffalo's size, those losses

Campbell County residents, officials push back against BLM's proposed coal leasing change

GILLETTE — The Campbell County Commissioners are planning to push back against a proposed rule by the federal governm

Senators decry timber sale reductions

SUNDANCE — Wyoming’s two senators are criticizing the U.S.

State reports that Wyo. experiences surge in workers 65 and up

CHEYENNE (WNE) — Evaluating the latest workforce indicators data from the U.S.

Hageman supports ICC sanction bill


Secretary of State urges clerks not to use drop boxes in 2024 election

CHEYENNE (WNE) — On Wednesday, Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray sent a letter to the state’s 23 county clerks ex

Views vary as Wyoming’s abortion ruling wait stretches into sixth month


Lurking beneath rent: hidden costs of housing complexes

Extra fees for apartments pile up, making costs hard to track.

LCSD1 officials testify at start of WEA case

CHEYENNE — Testimony from employees of Wyoming’s largest K-12 school district this week highlighted where they say ga

167 to run for offices

Democrats won’t contest vast majority of races

Survey: More than half of veterans unaware of housing benefits

CHEYENNE (WNE) — Wyoming’s 47,756 U.S.

Average Wyo. gas prices drop more than 5 cents a gallon in past week

CHEYENNE (WNE) — Average gasoline prices in Wyoming have fallen 5.3 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $3.3

Woman gored by bison in Yellowstone National Park

AFTON (WNE) — An 83-year old woman from Greenville, South Carolina, was gored by a bison on June 1 near the Storm Poi

Will private schools get a boost from voucher program?

RIVERTON — Beginning next year, Wyoming families with qualifying income will have access to government assistance for

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