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Popovich: Managing your fearful and obsessive thoughts

There are times that we encounter negative thoughts that can be overwhelming.

Fighting spirit

Attitude is everywhere. We see it at work, at school, at home and at play.

We are all soldiers for Christ

What kind of soldier am I?

Christ is risen and what it means for everyone

Throughout history, no one has made a greater impact than Jesus Christ. So, who is this person called Jesus?

What a NAY Vote on the Special Session Means

Did you know that the Wyoming Legislature overwhelmingly passed a two-year 25% propert

House Votes Against Special Session

Three Reasons Wyoming Citizens Should Demand A Special Session

1.  The Governor is usurping the authority of the People if left unchecked by the Legislative branch.

Minority Floor Leader Mike Yin Opposed To A Special Session – Upholds Principles of Limited Government


JACKSON – As discussions around the possibility of convening a special session of the state legisl

Special Session Response

Last week, in the aftermath of Governor Gordon’s veto of Senate File 54, the Department of Revenue conveyed to us tha

Rejecting calls for Special Session: Insights from Legislative Leadership

Following the release of Governor Gordon’s vetoes on bills passed during the 2024 Budget Session, we have read reques

Steinmetz: Legislature should convene a Special Session

Even though we just finished our Budget Session, and I am home trying to enjoy the day with my grandchildren, Legisla

Managing fears and anxieties

Are you looking for all of the answers on how to reduce your persistent fears
and anxieties?

Family legends I know

I’m using “legend” as a verb rather than a noun as a chapter title in the book I’m writing.

March Madness indeed

I do love me some March Madness, and it got under way Thursday with a flurry of NCAA games throughout the course of t


Cheyenne, Wyoming – Wyoming Taxpayers Association (WTA) applauds the leadership of Governor Mark Gordon in his action

Governor's Property Tax Relief Vetoes are Disappointing 

In this legislative session, the Legislature prioritized issues voiced by Wyomingites, with property tax relief toppi

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