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Asking the hard questions

As schools across Wyoming and the nation adjust to changing needs — which include funding, teacher retention and recr

Wyoming Republicans Should Pay Attention to the 2024 Nomination Process

The 2024 Presidential election is beginning to loom large in our public affairs.  We are less than ten months from th

Wyoming In 2043? Here Are Some Predictions, Fears, And Hopes

(Part 2 of series predicting the future of Wyoming in 20 years.)

Antics overshadow LSU victory

Louisiana State University's solid 102-85 defeat of Iowa in the Women’s NCAA Division I Championship game on Sun

Easter: when death was defeated

The world stood still, unaware of the impact the death of one man would have on it.

Sunny days are on the way

Winter raised the misery index a bit by keeping its icy grip on Newcastle and the rest of the state, but this seasona

Dogie strong

This week, sports are not my focus.

Dinosaur Digs, Petroglyphs, Big New Museum On My 2023 Wyoming Bucket List If Winter Ever Ends!

With the pandemic behind us and Wyoming sites and sights soon opening, it is time for me to start compiling what I ca

Some people wear many hats

Some people wear many hats. 
Others wear none. 

Spring has sprung?

On Monday, the calendar told me that spring had begun.

‘Common Sense Republicans’ A Nickname For Practical Wyoming Folks Avoiding Progressive Trends

Almost two-thirds of Wyoming residents fit into a stereotype that I call “common sense Republicans.” These are folks

The public has already won

Over the past quarter-century the News Letter Journal has published dozens of stories and editorials about open meeti

Tough as nails

What a fun season it has been watching the Lady Dogies make their run for a state title!

Enough is enough

Of course I spent my weekend watching the 3A East Regional Tournament which took place in Torrington from Thursday th

Hope and Trepidation for Wyoming’s Future from the 2023 Legislature

The 2023 legislative session has been difficult to categorize.  Some of the legislation passed appears far sighted an

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