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Fish Fire grows by approximately 200 acres

Via Fire Fire information center

Fish Fire Update
Thursday, August 4, 2022 – 9:00 a.m. 
Rocky Mountain Complex Incident Management Team 1 
Dan Dallas, Incident Commander  
Information Phone: 307-363-0046  
Information Staffing Hours: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. 
Special Note: Exercise caution while driving on Highway 585. Although Highway 585 remains open, drivers should be aware of possible heavy smoke and of firefighters working in the area. Please slow down for the safety of our firefighters and yourself.   
Current Situation: Firefighting efforts were successful yesterday resulting in increased fire containment to 20% and fire growth of approximately 200 acres. Favorable conditions augmented with air resources resulted in moderated fire behavior for much of the day, allowing crews to work directly on fire edges. A several acre spot fire was detected in Division A and firefighters worked to contain it. Divisions M and T had pockets of heat and unburned fuels near the line, which were a focus for resources across the divisions. Last night, these areas continued to be prioritized with firefighters working to remove vegetation and extinguish heat sources.   
Today, actions will be similar to yesterday as firefighters build and secure firelines. Conditions are expected to once again be favorable for both helicopter support and fireline construction. Where needed, firefighters will burn out pockets of fuel to remove fuels and strengthen lines. In areas where the fire is contained, patrol and mop-up will be ongoing.        
Branch I: Division K operations entailed burning fuels adjacent to the fireline to even the perimeter and increase the depth. On other sections of line, dozers continued building fireline to connect with the adjacent division. Patrol and mop up occurred on the contained section of line. Today, firefighters will construct fireline, secure fire edges, and patrol and mop up. 
Division M contained a considerable amount of heat from heavy fuels near the line. Yesterday, and throughout the night, firefighters were diligent in working to remove unburned fuels and extinguish burning and smoldering fuels due to the presence of homes in the area and the possibility for active fire behavior. Residents choosing not to evacuate are encouraged to be extra vigilant and be aware of firefighters and heavy equipment working in the area. Today, firefighters will use heavy equipment and crews to continue line construction and mitigations around structures.             
Branch III: In Division T, crews worked along the edge to remove heat close to the fire perimeter and also worked to construct a contingency line. Progress will continue on the contingency line today, allowing for a second line of defense. Firefighters will also continue building and improving the primary fireline.   
In Division A, a spot fire was detected.  Firefighters worked to place fireline around the spot and will continue to secure it today. In the other part of this division, newly secured lines will be mopped up and patrolled to ensure the perimeter remains uncompromised.      
Structure Group: Yesterday, fire managers assessed structures and worked to develop a defensible protection plan should conditions change and fire activity increase. This work will continue today.  
Weather & Fuel Conditions: Sunny skies are expected today with temperatures in the high 80s, relative humidity around 15%, and light winds from the west around 10 mph.  These conditions will allow for moderate fire behavior in heavy pockets of fuels and in dead and down timber. On Friday, a cold front is expected to move into the area bringing cooler temperatures and a chance of wetting rain predicted before Sunday.  
Evacuations, Closures, and Fire Restrictions: 
Residences South of Canyon Springs Road to the south end of the fire and east of Wyoming Highway 585 remain under evacuation. This includes about 20 homes in all.  
An Area Closure is in place for the Fish Fire on Black Hills National Forest. For additional information, visit
For fire restrictions on all lands within the Black Hills, visit
Wildfires are a no-fly zone for unauthorized aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t. For more information, visit

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