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Now we’re talkin’!

Barb Riggs

To the Editor:

What a good paper last week! I am so happy that this subject came up and two whole pages of information for everyone to learn from. I am not sorry for any of the information — it got the ball rolling to talk about this problem publicly, and spread the word that there is help and there will be more avenues to get quicker and better treatment.

If anyone has gone through an addiction treatment program or helped someone to get into treatment, it is not an easy process. Most don’t just let a person walk in. It can take up to 30-60 (or longer) days to find a vacant spot. If you are lucky to have insurance, you may get in quicker, but not necessarily.

An assessment physical has to be done beforehand. Aftercare is crucial for success, and we lack that here.

Bigger places have more resources. We have some here, but they are not consistent and we usually send a person out of town a lot. Money is a big issue, too. It takes a lot, it’s not all free. Stigma is the worst enemy — it can beat the person up even more.

Awareness of the problem is what we accomplished this week! And that’s a good thing. We are all human beings and some day we all will be judged. We all know more than we did a week ago about addiction and getting good and proper care and getting the word out. If we can help even one person, then it’s all worth it.

P.S. Looks like I struck a nerve in the newspaper business — I am looking forward to hearing the Gazette’s defense article.


— Barb Riggs

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