What To Look For Before Buying an Agricultural Water Hose

What To Look For Before Buying an Agricultural Water Hose

Water hoses used on farms and ranches endure more wear and tear than residential water hoses. You can rely on an agricultural hose for duties ranging from cleaning off debris to aiding in crop production.
As with any piece of equipment, you need to buy a reliable product. Read this to know what to look for before buying an agricultural water hose.

Durable Material
Whether you’re irrigating crops or providing livestock with drinking water, you need a hose manufactured with durable material. The hose must withstand the natural environment and the conditions at your farm or ranch.
The material should be resistant to weather, ozone, and UV damage. It should also resist abrasion, rot, and chemical damage. While all materials degrade over time, choosing the right material for your setting can make a substantial difference in the lifespan of the hose.

Sturdy Nozzle
The next thing to examine before you buy an agricultural water hose is the nozzle. Just like you want the hose itself to be made from durable material, you need a sturdy nozzle.
When you consider a quality hose nozzle, think of factors like its material and the type of nozzle you need for the job. The right nozzle will help you make the most of your water hose, helping you maximize the water pressure for an efficient procedure. And an added benefit is that a sturdy nozzle tolerates getting dropped, so you don’t have to baby your equipment.

High Performance
Whether you’re rinsing off debris or watering crops or livestock, make sure your hose delivers water at an adequate flow rate. You need a hose that can perform well, so it should resist crushing and kinking. This helps ensure a reliable flow and that the hose works well around heavy machinery.
The hose also needs to have adequate tensile strength. When you need high water pressure, the pounds of pressure per square inch shoots up. Get a hose that can withstand the pressure of moving a high-volume water supply.


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