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n a world where so much is presented to us in digital format and lives seem centered around social media, it’s easy to forget sometimes that those sources may be a great place to connect and reconnect with friends and family, but most often they aren’t the best place to find
reliable information.

The newspaper business is changing, and has been for years. We have moved from newsprint to your screen and have also taken to social media, but we are still in the business of bringing you the most accurate, timely information reliably week after week. It is literally our job.

It’s our job to go to meetings and pull the information out of them and present them in a clear, concise way so you don’t have to. It’s our job to call people, do interviews and seek out information so you don’t need to. Our sources have been cultivated through years of work and it’s our job to look at documents, charts and graphs. You may not know who is the official in charge — whether it’s your local government or an event
organizer — but most likely, we do.

We do this because, as journalists, it’s our job to keep you, the public, informed. So when you are looking for information, is Facebook really the place to find it? Your neighbor may have heard something from their neighbor, who heard it from another … but is this information reliable? 

At News Letter Journal, our goal is to bring you stories with relevance, facts, and research. We also delight in bringing you the occasional humorous column or personal interest story about your friends and neighbors.

It’s easy to get caught up in social media and, like everyone, we fall into the trap, too.

Our graphic designer — a
journalist of 20-plus years —
regularly directs people looking for information on Facebook to find it in the newspaper instead. But a week ago, she too asked a question on social media that had been asked — and answered — by an NLJ reporter. We’re all guilty of failing to look to tried and true sources like our local newspaper, even the most seasoned of us.

The newspaper business is not dying. In a world where information is thrown at us daily from a myriad of sources — some reliable and some not — we should all be looking to a constant source that has been here for decades. Print journalists are some of the finest in the world, in our humble opinion, because unlike the fast pace of the internet and television news, they are afforded a little more time to delve into issues, and follow up on them. Our words are permanent, in ink, on the page, and remain archived forever. It behooves us to make sure our information is correct, our sources are true, and if we make a mistake we own up to it.

While the cornerstone of our growing media company continues to be the printed copy of the News Letter Journal you get to hold in your hands each week, digital media gives us a chance to do even more for our community, and we were excited to launch NEWC Now last month - a free online newsletter delivered to readers’ email inboxes every Monday afternoon.

NEWC Now helps present all of our products (News Letter Journal,, our special publications and our social media pages) to our growing list of media consumers on a weekly basis. If you aren’t already receiving NEWC Now we are excited to offer you a FREE subscription just by emailing and letting us know you want this new interactive tool at your disposal to stay informed about your community and state.

The News Letter Journal has been your local source for information for the past 135 years, and we aim to stay around for another 135-plus years. So, can you find information on Facebook? Sure, you can. Do you trust the person you get your information from? Can you find the information again without endless scrolling? We make it easy for you. We’ve done the hard work for you. Just pick up a copy of the News Letter Journal today, and check out to see what else we have to offer. 


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