Double diplomas for two NHS seniors

Hogan Tystad, Newc High News Reporter

Photo courtesy of Kim Conzelman

Autumn Mills and Kayley Munoz earned their associate’s degree while completing high school. Mills earned an Associate of Science degree, while Munoz earned an Associate of Arts degree.


While members of the class of 2022 are wrapping up their senior year and preparing to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, two of them will receive more than just one diploma. Kayley Munoz and Autumn Mills have pursued their associate degrees while finishing up their high school credits. This was not an easy feat, as both girls agree that the workload was tough to handle. However, the outcome is as good as it gets.

“Financially, the EWC (Eastern Wyoming College) Outreach Program is a dream. The Outreach Program lets you obtain a degree for free, compared to paying thousands of dollars to obtain it following high school,” Autumn said. 

Autumn’s mother, Brittney Osborne, is over-the-moon excited with what Autumn has accomplished. 

“Her whole family is so proud of her and all her accomplishments so far,” Osborne said. “We wish her nothing but the greatest moments and successes in her future. We will always be her biggest fans.” 

She also said that Autumn has always been a goal-oriented person. 

“She holds herself to high expectations and challenges herself,” Osborne said.

Kayley is not the first person in her family to receive her associate degree. This is a generational accomplishment in the Munoz household. Both of her older sisters, Alondra and Cassie, have also earned their associate while in high school. Kayley doesn’t break the chain as she goes above and beyond the average high school expectations. However, she made the decision to pursue the degree on her own. Along with the serious workload, Kaylee also found the time to manage several sports teams in Newcastle. She also participates in FBLA and student council, and she was accepted into the National Honor Society. 

“It’s such an honor seeing her graduate with two diplomas,” said her parents, Jose and Adela Munoz. 

Kayley is kind of proud of her accomplishment too. 

Both girls received their associate in interdisciplinary studies on May 2. Autumn’s degree is an Associate of Science, Kayley’s is an Associate of Arts. The duo will be receiving their high school diplomas on May 22. Autumn will graduate with an outstanding 3.65 GPA. Kayley will graduate with a 3.7 GPA. Kim Conzelman is the director of EWS Outreach. She said that students need a total of 61 concurrent credits to receive an associate degree. 

“Since Kayley’s and Autumn’s freshman year, I have enjoyed getting to know them on a personal level.  Even though a majority of our meetings were to plan and register for college courses, we also took time to visit about goals and ambitions and plans for the future. I couldn’t be more proud of Kayley and Autumn. They both overcame some tough and stressful situations by staying focused and driven through it all,” Conzelman said. “I am so proud of you two young ladies.  Completing an associate degree and a high school degree at the same time is not an easy task. I commend you for your effort, stamina and positive insight.  I believe you both have set the stage for a productive future. I wish you all the best.” 


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