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25 Things Jesus Never Said

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Dean Butler

1. "Jesus never said, 'Sorry, I can't use you until you've been to Bible College."

2. "Jesus never said, 'I'll only answer your prayers if you use fancy religious language.'"

3. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be perfect before you can follow me.'"

4. "Jesus never said, 'You must have all the answers before you can have faith.'"

5. "Jesus never said, 'You have to earn your way into heaven.'"

6. "Jesus never said, 'You're too broken for my love.'"

7. "Jesus never said, 'I only listen to prayers from perfect people.'"

8. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be religious to be close to God.'"

9. "Jesus never said, 'You're not good enough for my grace.'"

10. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be wealthy to be blessed.'"

11. "Jesus never said, 'I only care about people who look and act like me.'"

12. "Jesus never said, 'You're too old/young to make a difference.'"

13. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be a theologian to understand me.'"

14. "Jesus never said, 'You have to hide your struggles to be holy.'"

15. "Jesus never said, 'I only forgive certain sins.'"

16. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be popular to spread my message.'"

17. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be a church leader to serve others.'"

18. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be fearless to have faith.'"

19. "Jesus never said, 'You're not a good enough speaker.'"

20. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be famous for me to notice you.'"

21. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be perfect to be loved.'"

22. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be successful in the world's eyes for me to love you.'"

23. "Jesus never said, 'You have to have it all together for me to accept you.'"

24. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be without doubts to have faith.'"

25. "Jesus never said, 'You have to be free from mistakes for me to use you.'"

Fifty years ago, I committed my life to serving the Lord. I hold an associate degree in Christian Education and a bachelor’s degree in Christian Counseling.  I live by 1 Corinthians 9:16, Ephesians 3:7-8, and Colossians 1:28-29. In my retirement, I focus on study and sharing the teachings of God’s Word with others. Besides writing this Blog I maintain 3 Facebook pages dedicated to spreading the Word of God.


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