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Congrats 2024 graduates

As the Newcastle High School Class of 2024 prepares to walk across the stage the News Letter Journal thought it would

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves

The News Letter Journal does not cite anonymous sources in our stories, and we do not run letters to the editor that

Get to know your vote

Local municipalities, districts and agencies are heading into the budget season in an election year, and now more tha

2024 election season begins

Meet Your Hospital and Museum Board Candidates

Participation ribbons don’t solve problems

We are pleased that we were able to offer a platform where Ms.

People should begin being involved by being informed

Recent rate increases by the Newcastle City Council caused quite the stir among residents over the past week or so, w

Sen. Cheri Steinmetz - Driskill, president or king?

Regardless of who serves as President of the Wyoming Senate, it is a position of service, not a kingship.  

Protest only hurts the public

Any newspaper’s most important role is to provide information to the people that live in the community it serves. 


Prime rib is a huge cut of meat that is usually a centerpiece of a holiday meal.

The struggle is real here

The 2022-2023 school year has been a challenging one for a variety of reasons.

Friday night Bingo fun, at the Newcastle VFW

My first recollection of bingo was probably around 1951. 

Be the eagle

Apparently, eagles are the latest and greatest of predators. 

Light the beam

The Sacramento Kings are not a name that strikes fear or awe among NBA enthusiasts, however, a marketing scheme which

Trump’s case — when novel theories become legal principles

Defendant Donald J.

Asking the hard questions

As schools across Wyoming and the nation adjust to changing needs — which include funding, teacher retention and recr

Wyoming Republicans Should Pay Attention to the 2024 Nomination Process

The 2024 Presidential election is beginning to loom large in our public affairs.  We are less than ten months from th

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