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The draft is life

Sonja Karp, NLJ Sports Editor

The National Football League draft took place last week starting with Round 1 on Thursday and finishing with Rounds 4-7 on Saturday. It’s a well-publicized three days with everyone — especially those who are hoping to become a professional football player — sitting on the edges of their seats to see who goes where and what teams nab the top picks.

Though I didn’t watch it, it made me think back on the connections that I formed (if even just in my mind) with past NFL hopefuls and draftees.

I’ve never known anyone personally to get the call, but the excitement of watching friends of friends of mine be drafted, and friends of the great state of Wyoming be drafted, like Josh Allen and Logan Wilson, and seeing how they have really represented themselves and their state/UW so well, is just super cool.

This is an opportunity that is presented to so very few and I can’t even imagine sitting there waiting for that phone to ring, and then it happens. The elation they must have felt of knowing that they had made their dream come true!

But then, I can also only imagine the feelings that must come next. How crazy that you are on your way to the NFL! Imagine the weight that must inevitably set in, knowing that now you have to live up to the expectations that everyone has for you — your new coaches, your new team, your family and your friends.

Kudos go out to those who have experienced that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to live out their dream.

But, imagine if we all approach achieving whatever dream we have with the same commitment and tenacity as those who aspire to play professional sports.

What if we approached getting our dream job the same way we do when we are awaiting the phone call from the NFL? What if we celebrate that phone ringing with the job offer with our family and friends? What if we pushed ourselves to do all the things to make us a first round pick in the banking business, or getting that teaching job, or securing a position at the hospital of our choice?

If we put in the effort of making sure that we pushed ourselves, honed our skills to their utmost, took advantage of every situation that would make us better at our chosen profession, if we dedicated ourselves to making sure we function at our best at all times to retain our position, imagine how effective and productive every aspect of society could be!

It’s a lovely thought, if that were the way we would go about life. Even if we just assume the attitude of an NFL draftee, we could all elevate our skills and the effort we put forth in the careers we undertake.

Then, if we could all make the salary of a draftee, that would be the best!

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