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Alexis Barker, NLJ News Editor
Photo by Walter Sprague/NLJ
On Monday, March 13, the Weston County Republican Party Central Committee held an organizational meeting. Election of officers were held and several resolutions were passed, thanking various elected officials from federal to local offices. Above, Jamie and Tom Farnsworth look over paperwork at the meeting.

Weston County’s Republican Party is alive and well, if the turnout and participation at the party’s recent leadership election meeting is any indication. 


Party members reelected Kari Drost as chairwoman. Allen Slagle, who is also the House District 2 representative,, will be the vice chair, with Stan Jasinski as secretary and Jamie Farnsworth as treasurer. Mick Bohn was selected to be the state committeeman, and Ann Slagle will be the state committeewoman. 


The grassroots organization starts with the precinct committee men and women that present the opinions and concerns of the people living in their neighborhoods, according to Drost, who was re-elected to her leadership position. 


“The precinct committee men and women are the most important part of our representative republic, as they are the closest to the people and where all great initiatives start. During the past two years, the Weston County Republican Party has filled over 90% of its role in local government through ongoing interactions with elected officials,” Drost said. “I am so proud that people like the tone and direction the party is taking enough to actively participate in meetings and events in increased numbers every year.” 


Participating in the elections at the meeting were 19 of the 20 precinct committee people, she said. And virtually all of those individuals participated in the meeting in some way. 


Members also selected a leadership team that will work to organize the party and bring local Republicans’ concerns to the Wyoming Republican Party. 

“The new leadership team will continue its work of listening to the people, holding elected officials accountable and staying true to the fundamental conservative principles outlined in the Wyoming Republican Party platform,” Drost said.


The local party also recognized, profiled and thanked six elected officials, all Republicans, for their work: Secretary of State Chuck Gray, U.S. Rep. Harriet Hageman, Rep, Chip Neiman, Rep. Allen Slagle, Sen. Cheri Steinmetz and Weston County Commissioner Don Taylor. 


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