Cheyenne River

Photo by Walter Sprague/NLJ
Chris Russel “Russ” Christensen, inducted into the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame,says he values family, land, and livestock, and places a great deal of weight on being a man of integrity whose word is his bond.
Chris Russell "Russ" Christensen, a resident of the homestead he was born on in 1930, was inducted into the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2021. Except for the years he served as a medic in the army during the Korean War, he has lived his whole life on the homestead his father acquired in 1910.   "...

Photo by Hannah Gross/NLJ

Tour participants of the Weston County Historical Society’s Fall 2022 Trek stopped by the old Darlington School on Lynch Road outside of Newcastle. Children of the early Weston County homesteaders who attended these centrally located schoolhouses often had to walk or ride horseback, according to Latal Fisher in “Early Day Memories.” Although the Darlington School has long been abandoned, the remains of a stove and chalkboard can still be seen through the windows.

The homesteaders who poured their hearts and souls into creating a legacy is being preserved in Weston County by the ranchers who continue to work from sunup to sundown on the land passed down to them by their ancestors, and that legacy was on display for those fortunate enough to participate in a...

John Cooksey with his Piper Pacer in Newcastle, Wyoming.  March 1986. Courtesy: Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame.  



The Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame and the Wyoming Aeronautics Commission have named John B. Cooksey the 2022 inductee into the Wyoming Aviation Hall of Fame, according to a release from the Wyoming Department of Transportation. John B. Cooksey was born in Newcastle, Wyo., on June 18, 1921. He grew...

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