Things You Should Bring With You When Night Hunting

Things You Should Bring With You When Night Hunting

(Editor's Note: Please check your state and region's regulations regarding hunting, as night hunting may not be legal in your area, or for specific species.)
Night hunting is one of the best ways to shake up your favorite hobby. You’ll see familiar spaces in a whole new way, and you’ll have the opportunity to hunt different prey than you’re used to. It’s also a great way to get together with friends and enjoy a fun and exciting night together! But what are the things you should bring with you when night hunting? Read on to find out!

Your Weapon
Your weapon is the most important thing to take with you, for obvious reasons. In addition to it being the thing that will allow you to achieve your goals when night hunting, it also serves a secondary function: protection. We recommend bringing a handgun along when night hunting because the predators come out at night.
A rifle is all well and good to deal with prey from afar, but if you and your friends find yourselves becoming the hunted, you’ll want a close-range weapon for safety.

Decoys and Calls
Coyotes are clever—if you want a shot at bagging some, you’ll need to outthink them. Calls and decoys are great ways to turn the tide and pull one over on your prey. You can try getting a call that mimics a young coyote cub, or you can try to trigger its predator instincts with the bleating of a fawn. You should try a few different things, as coyotes may be in different moods on any given night—either more protective or hungry.

Hunting Lights
Finally, illumination will be your best friend. Night hunting lights are a great way to scan through the trees to spot the shine of a predator’s eyes. In addition to big lights that brighten the forest, you should also bring some flashlights to keep track of all your gear. We suggest putting a red film over your lights to avoid alerting wildlife to your presence.
Now that you know the things you should bring with you when night hunting, gather up your gear and your guys and get out into the wild!


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