Part of the team

— Tony M. Kiesel

Part of the team


To the Editor:

How do we control an infection disease and potentially prevent an epidemic or pandemic? We do this either by destroying the causative organism, killing “the bug” through a course of treatment, or we can accomplish the same goal through immunization, eliminating where the organism can reside and propagate, in and among us, thus causing the organism to die out on its own. 

Do ranchers vaccinate their herds? Have you heard of Smallpox, the dreaded killer of millions years ago; of polio, the summertime paralyzer of children; have you been given a “tetanus shot”? These are all a few examples of diseases for which there is no treatment but which have been either prevented or their occurrence greatly reduced through the process of immunization/vaccination. 

However, this goal was only be achieved through teamwork, by immunizing/vaccinating the majority, at least 75-80% of the
various populations. 

The same applies tothe current COVID-19 pandemic — a disease with minimally effective treatment but an available vaccine for its prevention, though not yet perfect, as nothing in life seems to be. 

There are contradictions to this vaccine and for vaccinations generally (and your physician is well aware of them), but it is time for the majority of us to step forward and to become part of “the team” of the vaccinated. Don’t count on your neighbor to do this for you!


— Tony M. Kiesel


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