Meet Rosie, the organizer

Rhonda Stearns
NLJ file photo
Rosie Pzinski, shown here during the Weston County Museum District’s
historical fashion review in 2022, is a resident of Weston County Senior
Services center and is active there and in the community.
Some time ago Sharon and Larry, a Newcastle couple who enjoy playing Cribbage, had the idea of talking with Weston County Senior Services to see if a room was available in which several card tables and chairs could be set up and utilized during the forenoon, one day a week. Their hope had not reached fruition, so one day they mentioned it to a WCSS resident they knew and liked, Rosie Pzinski.
An old and true adage says, “Bloom where you’re planted!” Those words could have been written especially for our town’s Rosie Pzinski. At first in her birth state Minnesota, later transplanted on the snowy high prairies between Newcastle and Sundance, Wyoming — and most recently into an apartment at WCSS — Rosie blossoms. She loves brilliant colors! And in the lively pinks, reds and other happy shades she wears, Rosie truly brightens the rooms and hallways of the senior center!
Rosie is not only happy and enthusiastic, she also inspires those feelings in everyone who sees her, each fortunate person she speaks to. You’ll find that out if you chance to meet her in a store, at the post office, church or just walking down the street. There are no strangers in her community, because Rosie believes everyone should be treated as a friend.
With such a warm philosophy of life, she’s what you could call “contagious”! Just being in a room with her makes you feel good. WCSS shares the same warmth and spirit as Rosie — a spirit not unlike floral-bordered path-ways found in beautiful parks and gardens — or the “spirit of Newcastle,” which I’ve been bles’t to experience throughout my lifetime. Rosie is proud of WCSS (her present home), so it’s only natural that her spirit permeates the place.
It happens that Rosie loves playing Cribbage, as Sharon and Larry do. They all believed it would be possible to incorporate the game they most enjoy into the schedule of enjoyable senior activities provided by WCSS. Senior center management agreed, saying the “Pool Room” (featuring fine tables for the enjoyment of that game) was not being used most Wednesdays, and there would
be room in there to set up card tables and chairs to accommodate 20 players or more.
Cribbage does require a unique scoreboard and pins to mark progress of each player or team. With several interested people working at it, a number of those boards soon stocked the shelves just inside the door of the Pool Room, along with several decks of cards. Since starting “cribbage Wednesday,” Rosie keeps track of those boards, along with “pins” of two or three colors which fit in the holes on the board. Two pins are needed to tally the score of each player or team. She has also painstakingly counted each box of cards, to be sure they total 52. Players help set up the chairs and tables when they arrive, and put them away along with cards and boards after playing. We’re all grateful to share the space of the Pool Room with those adept with stick and ball — just as we’re all truly bles’t to share “Our Rosie”!

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