A look at the primary election

NLJ Staff

Next week’s edition of the News Letter Journal, dated Aug. 11, will once again feature the primary election guide for 2022. 

The section will include information from candidates who returned questionnaires presented to them by the News Letter Journal. Each candidate was asked the same questions and given a deadline of Aug. 4
to respond. 

The information provided in this section is straight from the candidates themselves, giving the voters who haven’t had the opportunity to attend candidate forums the opportunity to learn about each of the individuals running for local, state and federal offices. 

We encourage the public to not only browse this section (and to read the ads provided by the candidates) to learn about each candidate and their thoughts and plans on policy, but also to do their own research as well. The future of the county and state will soon be in the hands of the people, and we want all of you to make your voice heard on Aug. 16.

Please educate yourselves before you hit the polls. Know who you are voting for, what they stand for, and why they are running for office. Decide who stands up for what you believe in and the changes you want to see in how your local government operates. We each have the right to vote, so we urge you to consider it your civic duty. Make your voice heard with your ballot — it’s the only real way to make change.

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