Fish Fire Update

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Special Notes: This morning at 6:00 am, Rocky Mountain Complex Incident Management Team 1 (CIMT1) assumed management responsibility for the Fish Fire. The team is one of three CIMT in the Rocky Mountain geographic area. The team thanks the Wyoming Type 3 Incident Management Team and the local resources who have been managing the fire to date. Their good work has set us up to successfully suppress this fire. 

Fish Fire has a new Facebook page where information, photos, and videos will be posted throughout the day. The link is

Current Situation: The Fish Fire now stands at 6476 acres and 10% contained. Yesterday, cooler, cloudy weather aided firefighters in their suppression efforts. Effective use of aerial resources combined with dozers and hand crews allowed construction of direct fireline on portions of the western and northern flanks of the fire. Fire engines focused on structure protection on private lands where the fire is checked in some locations by hay fields. The fire remains most active on the eastern and southern sides. As the fire climbs in elevation, it enters more rugged terrain, but the fuel type also changes to one where fire burns less aggressively.  

On large, complex fires, supervisors divide the fire perimeter into geographic areas called branches which are further divided into divisions to provide for better management and safer operations. These daily updates will describe the fire’s activities and our suppression actions within these subdivisions, which are shown on the accompanying fire maps. Note that branch numbers and division letters don’t always run sequentially in order to allow for expansion if the fire grows. 

Branch I: Division K encompasses the west side of the fire along Highway 585.  Good progress was made yesterday constructing containment lines and tying the fire’s edge into hay meadows, roads, and other natural control features.  Today firefighters will patrol and mop up in this division and will continue to improve containment lines by extinguishing hotspots that could pose a threat to firelines.   

On the north end of the fire near Fish Mountain, in Division M,  firefighters will continue to go direct along the fire’s edge and will work to smooth out jagged edges where the fire did not burn cleanly which will strengthen containment lines.  Aerial resources will be used as needed to support operations on the ground.   


Branch III: Division T encompasses the eastern fire perimeter near Elkhorn Divide and south along Kunath Branch 3A to just north of the Black and Yellow Road.  Firefighters will continue to construct containment lines along the fire’s edge and existing roads where possible. Some small firing operations may occur in this area to secure containment lines.    

In Division A, on the south end of the fire, a lot of great work was done by local resources and the Type 3 IMT yesterday.  Fireline has been completed in this area, including on the portion of the fire that slopped over the Black and Yellow Road.   Today crews will continue to patrol and mop up in this area and extinguish any areas of heat that flare up and threaten containment lines. 

The Structure Group will continue working around structures within fire perimeter to ensure they remain secure and will continue structure assessments outside the current fire perimeter to develop a protection plan in the event that fire activity increases. 

Weather & Fuel Conditions:

Once an inversion lifts this morning, today will be sunny with temperatures increasing to the mid-80s and relative humidity decreasing to 18-25%. Winds will be relatively light, beginning from the south in the morning and gradually shifting in a clockwise direction until they are northeasterly by late afternoon. Fuels remain extremely dry and susceptible to ignition. 

Evacuations, Closures, and Fire Restrictions: 

Residences South of Canyon Springs Road to the south end of the fire and east of Wyoming Highway 585 remain under evacuation. This includes about 20 homes in all.  

An Area Closure is in place for the Fish Fire on Black Hills National Forest. For additional information, visit

For fire restrictions on all lands within the Black Hills, visit

Wildfires are a no-fly zone for unauthorized aircraft, including drones. If you fly, we can’t.  For more information, visit


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