The benefits of the COVID vaccine are clear

Tony Kiesel

The benefits of the COVID vaccine are clear


To the Editor,

What is the current understanding of the COVID vaccine?

It is a substance created through genetic engineering, a research concept studied for decades, the administration of which causes the recipient’s normal immune system to respond by naturally creating an antibody, an “attack mechanism,” against a protein (the so-called “spike protein”) found on the wall of the invading agent, the COVID virus, thus preventing the virus from invading the body’s cellular system and causing COVID-19. It is a substance the administration of which the created antibody remains detectable for six to eight months or perhaps longer; it is a substance the result of whose administration studies demonstrate a significant reduction in the incidence and mortality of COVID-19. It is a substance which the entire world is clamoring to have available for the benefit of its populations. Is this a “vaccine” or is it a “therapeutic intervention?” 

Surely, this will be argued and studied further, but at this moment with the documented benefits of its use, does
it matter? 

In any case, though encouraged and encouraging, its use clearly remains a personal choice. However, lacking contraindication, its use by an individual would seem of benefit for the recipient, the family and friends as well as for the community of humankind. 


— Tony M. Kiesel


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